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A Dog’s View: Controversy over Halloween Costumes

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I am not a witch. I’m a cute dog! I just dressed as a witch for Halloween.

Halloween scares me a little for one big reason.

Though I love the treats I get—an extra rawhide that’s vet-recommended—I don’t like the tricks part of it.

My BFF Shelley likes to dress me up for three reasons: sometimes on Halloween, always on Christmas and whenever it’s cold and we’re outside or on a walk. I’ve been a witch, a mechanic with a pink bandana and a school girl with a tan skirt and white cable knit sweater. And at Christmas, I have to wear my green T-shirt with an image of Santa with one of his reindeer.

But I don’t like it. When I was little, I’d squirm right out of my clothes, or bunch them up, or get my little paw caught in one of the arms. Now that I’m older, I just put up with it.

I’ve done some research and found that dressing up dogs in over-the-top costumes is usually for the pet owners’ benefit and not for the sake of the pet. It’s OK to dress us up to be warm but not if the costume physically restricts our movements or causes discomfort. Shelley puts me in a warm jacket or sweater if it’s cold out, and I like it well enough after I get used to the extra layer and understand I can still walk.

But when large sections of our bodies are covered by material, it’s hard for us to communicate with other dogs, particularly because body language is one of our major methods for expressing ourselves. Granted, I really don’t like other dogs unless they’re smaller than me, though I do like cats. Still, I need to get my message across.

Some dogs become scared or confused when they are dressed up, and some won’t express themselves. Things on our heads, like hats and hoods, can be particularly disturbing, because they’re in the way and we’re not used to them.

Anyway, here are some photos of me in costume, but as you can see, I don’t look that excited. I’d rather have a treat and no tricks and silly costumes.


I’m not very happy in my witch’s hat. My BFF Shelley took a photo and took if off of me, thank goodness!


I am dressed as a mechanic. This costume isn’t as bad because it doesn’t have a hat!

Zoey's new outfit

Why am I wearing a silly bow that matches my silly shirt?


Puppy Modeling

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Zoey the Mechanic stands proud for a good job done.

I am a contestant in the PetSmart Halloween costume contest and am certain that I will win. I entered the cute costume category, and as you all know, I am very, extremely, extraordinarily cute.

Shelley, my pet parent, first dressed me up in a witch’s outfit, but it hung way too low, because I am ultra thin and fit.

She got her friend, Tim, to help with the second costume, the mechanics outfit I wore last year, plus a frilly bow on my ear. He held me while Shelley took super model puppy photos of me. I admit that the use of treats helped with my turning my head just so and standing on my hind legs.

Yep, I like food, and I can keep my puppy-ish figure too.

Here’s a few of the photos in my photo album, except for the one entered in the contest:

Zoey in her witch's outfit.


Zoey the Mechanic can fix almost anything, especially broken treats!


Paws on Modeling

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I am wearing my costume for Halloween 2010. Aren't I just about 100 percent adorable?

My pet owner, Shelley, is entering me in a cute dog contest hosted by Pet Smart. She’s submitting my photo (not yet taken) in the cute costume category in the Monster Cute Photo Contest.

If I win (I should because I am ultra, super duper cute), I will be named Pet Smart’s next pet model and will be in a Pet Smart commercial.

It’s fitting that I should model. Shelley won a contract with a casting agency after entering an American Mall Model Search.

Like her, I know how to run the walkway and do a 180 turn when I find something to chase. I know how to show off my clothes on my thin, 9-pound puppy body. And I know how to pose for the camera.

I wore a mechanics outfit for my costume last year, but I want to do something a little more girly this year, especially since I need to look extra cute.

Shelley and I are trying to figure out my costume that she’ll probably make or embellish.

I want to be a princess, but that’s so blasé for Halloween. There are so many princesses, plus I’m a princess the other 364 days of the year. The point of Halloween is to be something you’re not.

I want to be a fairy, but I don’t do well with wings because I already fly when I run.

I want to be Little Red Riding Hood, but I’m afraid my loud bark would scare the wolf.

I guess that means a trip to Pet Smart to look for costume ideas.

And no, I will not be a hotdog, even if my breed is dachshund.