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Paws-ing on Black Friday

In Shelley Widhalm, The importance of play, What's important on November 27, 2011 at 7:00 am

Zoey is ready for some play time on Black Friday, which she would like to be renamed Play All Day Friday.

Black Friday. Blue Friday. Black Saturday.

Black and blue and black all over.

What are the corporations thinking? Black Friday is when retailers are in the red.

But black is all colors combined. Blue can be a symbol for a mood. And red can be for passion or fiery.

In a dog’s mind, none of this color business makes sense.

The Friday after Thanksgiving is just another Friday that follows a Thursday. Right? It doesn’t mean I get extra deals on milk bones.

Actually, I did not get any new boxes of milk bones, bags of treats or toys on this supposed biggest shopping day of the year. I got left at home while Shelley went to work to write an article about Black Friday.

I napped and felt blue until she returned. We played, but she stopped playing with me, so I did my pout thing and went under the bed. I liked it there for its being dark and all, but not black because the light was on.

In a forever long time, Shelley got out my leash and we went out on the town, not shopping, but just being together, a girl and her dog. That’s what Black Friday or any day of the week should be about, being together and not wanting what you can’t have.

I call my Black Friday Happy Friday. So there, and give me a milk bone!