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Cute Dog Advice: How to Get Attention

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I am cute waiting for attention at a coffee shop.

My favorite thing in life is to be petted, and I found the best way to get what I want.

Greet people.

This is how I do it. While my BFF and sidekick Shelley does boring work on her laptop, sitting outside the coffee shop, I sit on her lap and wait. I’m a lapdog, and she’s got me the lapdog alongside her laptop (or close enough). Or, think of it as Top Dog (and a lap!).

As customers of our favorite downtown Loveland coffee shop (or Starbucks, too) walk by, I stare at them and wiggle my tail, hoping they’ll notice me. If they look my way, I smile, showing off my white, nearly-daily brushed teeth, and look some more. They usually stop, and here’s the kicker, my BFF asks those being greeted by me if they want to say hello.

Duh. Of course they do.

I let them pet me, and I sigh with happiness. They use several adjectives to describe me: cute, adorable, pretty and beautiful. They say I have a beautiful coat (sable colored) and look like a girl with my floppy, black-tipped ears and two kohl black lines extending from the edges of my large, brown eyes.

Some say I’m spoiled.


I just need treats and love and attention, just like cats and humans.

Anyway, the customers who get my special greeting go in for their coffee and often come out for a second round. On it goes, my continual revolving door of hellos. I get to give a greeting and get back a big pet and lots of love.

This greeting tactic I’ve developed is mentioned in my BFF’s newsletter, Shell’s Ink Spot, which releases the first of the month. The section where I get a big spotlight and even more attention is called Puppy News (or a puppy update on Zoey, the CEO of Cuteness). For the July issue, she wrote:

Zoey is my sidekick and occasional writing partner. I like to take my lapdog to work on my laptop, sitting outside my favorite coffee shop. She greets customers as they come in the door with a tail wag and intense stares, welcoming anyone and everyone to stop and pet her. She loves people, and she helps me be more social. I still can focus, but I get fun little breaks of people saying how cute and adorable she is, and she eats it up, seeking even more attention. People remember her name first before they recall mine, though our names go together: Shelley and Zoey, or S and Z.

If you want to receive her newsletter, send her an email at shellsinkservices@gmail.com.



Zoey’s Take on Story Resolutions

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Zoey the Cute Dachshund contemplates on how to tell a good story.

While my co-blogger, Shelley, waxes prosaic about resolutions, I have to admit that I’m not about resolving, but about being.

In her blog, “Shell’s Ink,” Shelley explains that the resolution of a story concludes all that has happened before, solving the conflicts set up earlier on. She says, “The main character has to make a decision, resolve a problem or face a new challenge in order to end her conflict. If she decides to remain with the status quo, she will suffer the consequences.”

I think not! I like the status quo, which is that I am the CEO of Cuteness, as well as the cutest dachshund this side of the Mississippi. If any dachshund, or dog (or cat!) dare counter my cuteness quotient, I will bark up a storm.

Plus, the plot of my life is very exciting, well, except when Shelley has to go to her stupid workplace and leaves me all day to entertain myself.

Otherwise, the beginning of my excitement occurs when I’m out in public and people (hordes of them) want to pet me. I get requests for pets when I’m out on walks, sitting on coffee shop tabletops or shopping at PetSmart (actually, Shelley shops and I agree to the purchases that include treats and toys, but not shampoo, new brushes and doggie toothpaste).

As for the rising action, I only encounter conflict, or more like disappointment, when I’m eagerly wagging my tail inviting pets and the potential dispenser of pets walks by without noticing me. The gall!

Of course, conflict comes about when big dogs walk by, showing off their stature, thinking they’re all tough, when I am the one with the big bark. To be nice, I couple my barks with tail wags, trying to prove my toughness, while also saying, “hi.”

I prefer that when I do bark, the big dogs just nod and say, “Yes, you are a tough girl,” and not give me the look that says, “Are you kidding? I’m not scared of you.” I find that to be a bit insulting.

Oh, woof … (and a sigh).

Because they continue on their walks and I remain in my same spot, no conflict ensues.

It’s the status quo of my living in the moment, hoping that I get pets and, if not, enjoying the sunshine, the people and the dogs walking by and the fact that I’m so darn cute!

See Shelley’s blog, “Shell’s Ink,” at http://bit.ly/Ngn89A

Dog Paws-Promotion (business cards included!)

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Zoey awaits pets and attention while sitting atop a coffee shop table.

I am a dog that blogs, and that is pretty hip.

What is not so hip is that I’m not too keen on self-promotion. Sure, I preen and sit up extra straight in wait of pets from passersby as I stake out my spot on various coffee shop tables or restaurant patios or go on my daily walks.

But what I don’t know about is business cards, or didn’t until last week. I overheard Shelley’s friend, Katherine (who is very nice and pets me, even though she has allergies, but can you blame her?), tell her about an idea that popped into her head.

We were sitting outside of Starry Night Espresso Café in downtownFort Collinson, you guessed it, a starry Thursday night, and all these people came up to me and asked Shelley if they could say “hello” and give me a pet. I was in doggie heaven as my fan club gathered.

“You should print up business cards for Zoey,” very smart Katherine said to Shelley.

Shelley liked the idea, which included putting my photo on one side of the card and “ZOEY” in big letters on the other, followed by the name of my blog, “Zoey’s Paw.” And on the back of the card, Shelley could put her blog’s name, “Shell’s Ink,” along with her contact information.

Of course, I get front and center.

Not Shelley, who is writing about tension this week and probably would like that spot. Tension is the writer’s thing that drives a story forward and is the result of story conflict.

I would say my cuteness is what drives people to wherever I’m at to stop and admire my large, brown eyes, black-tipped, floppy ears and kohl-lined features. No conflict necessary.

You see, it’s because I’m the cutest dachshund west of theMississippi River, or actually globally. Plus, any big dogs that give me the evil eye in response to my big-dog barks should realize that I am BIG DOG in the blogosphere.

See Shelley’s blog at http://shelleywidhalm.wordpress.com/2012/07/08/more-tension-in-novels/