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Cute Dogs at Christmas

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Zoey the Cute Dachshund is surrounded by the gifts she just opened a couple of Christmases ago and is seeking more!

My BFF Shelley wrote about me in her newsletter, Shell’s Ink Newsletter, about how I’m really cute at Christmastime.

Here is what she said:

Every Christmas, I wrap presents for Zoey and hide them in the closet, along with the other gifts for my family and friends—if not, she’ll unwrap them because the sound of ripping paper is so fun!

I wrap a couple of treats, some new rawhides—she loves to chew—and a ball or other small toy, plus some of the doggie bears I recycle from her doggie toy basket. She plays with certain toys and is in love with Big Bear, a stuffed dog with floppy brown ears and holding a pumpkin, so she has plenty of playthings.

On Christmas Day, I give Zoey her gifts one by one, and she opens each items, sees what it is and stares at me, as if saying, “What’s next?” She rips through the paper with her teeth, shaking her head and scattering the pieces. She moves fast and makes a mess, and I take a video of it every year. I also put on her Christmas T-shirt with reindeer, and she puts up with it.

(Note: I prefer not to wear clothes, something I wrote about earlier this year, but I guess I don’t mind if I get attention out of it. So, do you like my Christmas shirt? Do I look cute?)


Zoey the Cute Dashchund just opened all of her Christmas presents and now is at work chewing her Nylabone. She loves to chew!


Zoey the Cute Dachshund wants even more presents at Christmastime!


Dog Grammar—Or, What Errors Bug a Dog

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I get lots of attention as one of my friends readies me for a walk. See my pink coat and leash!

I’m cute, and I’m a princess, and I’m also a Dog Grammarian.

That means I like proper grammar as much as I like proper pets.

First, I’ll explain how to conduct a proper petting procedure of a cute dog. I come up to you with a tail wiggle, or I invite you to rush over to me, employing the same tactic, and I gaze at you with my big brown eyes (think Van Morrison’s “Brown-Eyed Girl”). I tell you to stop what you’re doing, reach out a hand and get down to the business of rubbing behind my ears, petting my belly and saying, “Isn’t she so cute?” Or “pretty.” Or “beautiful.”

Oh … I’m supposed to talk about grammar.

I don’t like run-on sentences, though I like to run around the yard and play tug-of-war and go on long walks, or not so long, because I get carried part of the way, and I like to be the center of attention, and I like …

I hate misplaced or misused commas. This is how commas are supposed to work: they separate thoughts and ideas, such as two complete sentences separated by the words “and” or “but.” They do not replace periods. They may or may not be used before the word “and” when a series of words are listed, but that all depends.

I don’t like missing periods at the end of a sentence Period.

I hate it when capital letters are used when the letters should be small or vice-versa, though I’m always a capital CZ for Cute Zoey.

I hate it when someone says “First,” without a “Second,” which I just did, but I was trying to explain …

I hate ellipses. I want to know what you’re thinking, not have to guess. I’m not a mind reader. I’m a dog.

I hate misspelled words or mixed-up words like “their,” “they’re” and “there” and “lie,” “lay” and “laid.” I lie down. I’m over here, not there. I’m eating my treat.

And last but not least I don’t like negative constructions. I like to be positive, or mostly. I am most certainly positive when I get treats. I am positive when I get petted. And I get extra, extra cheerful when my bowl is full of good things to eat.

Back to Blogging (after a long PAWS)

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I am really cute, and I know it. I also can write!

Hi Everybody, Friends and All!

I know you’ve missed me because I’m the cutest dachshund in the world. Call me Zoey or Cute Zoey. I know I’m cute because I get told. I hear through word of mouth, and that’s how I market my identity. Cute Darling Dachshund Me!

I wasn’t blogging for awhile because my BFF Shelley started a writing and editing business, Shell’s Ink Services, and I had to help her. That’s because I’m the CEO of Cuteness. I’m going to blog once a month about how to treat and love your dog and how to do dog behavior training–not that I need any because I’m all about goodness and being good. Just look at my face. Adorable, I know.

Shelley used a photo of me in her blog this week about creating a blogging voice. I have a loud barking voice, and I bark at big dogs and trucks and wheels and things that move. I don’t bark at cats, because I love cats!

Here’s the link:


Cute dogs and treats (and blogs)

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I’m feeling a bit lazy—could it be the dog days of summer, though it’s not even spring? For that reason, I thought I’d share my BFF Shelley and cowriter’s blog this week, or reblog her blog.

But first, here’s a picture of cute me.


I am cute waiting for attention at a coffee shop.

Second, I have to let you know, Shelley ends her blog with the line “You get your treat.”

I want my treat. I like milkbones, cheese, carrots, green beans and anything human food-related. I like some of my doggie treats, too, but I prefer anything from the table. Table food. Table scraps.


I deserve my treat, too.


Here’s Shelley’s blog: https://wordpress.com/post/shelleywidhalm.wordpress.com/1142


Cute dog blogger at work

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I am the product. I am the process.

I am cute.

Product and process.

My BFF and co-blogger Shelley blogged this week about writer’s block and how just doing writing helps you write and get the words to flow. It’s like the process of writing helps you write. As you write, you get a product.

Yep, I’m philosophical. I’m smart. And I’m cute.

My name is Zoey, and I’m the cutest dachshund ever.

While Shelley works on her writing at the coffee shop, I sit with her staring out at the sidewalk, wiggling my tail at all the passersby. Most of them stop and ask to pet me. And I eat it up, wiggling my tail so fast you just see a blur.

I get told that I’m cute, I have a cute face, I’m pretty, I’m friendly, and I’m oh so nice.

In fact, I consider myself the ambassador of cuteness.

Check it out, me being cute and all.

I'm cute when I'm sleeping.

I’m cute when I’m sleeping.

I'm cute when I'm awake.

I’m cute when I’m awake.

And I'm cute when I want something, like treats!

And I’m cute when I want something, like treats!

Why dogs and cats need their own magazines

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I am sitting atop some newspapers. Now, I need a photo of me on top of magazines written just for dogs.

I am sitting atop some newspapers. Now, I need a photo of me on top of magazines written just for dogs.

Dogs (and cats, too) should have magazines geared toward dogs (and cats) who are able to read.

I’m a dog. I can read. And I’m cute.

People have magazines for every hobby, interest, craft and political leaning, plus celebrity gossip, news and entertainment.

But dogs, what do we get? Magazines geared toward humans about training your pet, caring for your pet and doing pet-related things. The magazines aren’t meant for us and our interests.

I propose that the following magazines be published:

  • Dogs
  • Us, Weekly (for Dogs)
  • National Dog and Geography
  • Time (to Play with Your Human)
  • Dog’s Digest
  • The Dog
  • Dog Style

I could go on and on, but this gives the basic idea that there is something missing. We dogs need our news and entertainment not just in the forms of balls, toys and treats, but in selection of reading material.


Your Dog Friend

Zoey the dog blogger would like some attention (please!)

In Shelley and Zoey, Shelley Widhalm on August 23, 2015 at 1:05 am

I am very good at writing blogs. Now I just need some readers!

I am very good at writing blogs. Now I just need some readers!

I noticed no one really reads my blog. It’s probably because I’m a dog, and dog bloggers aren’t as common as people bloggers.

I don’t know what to do about it. Should I keep writing, because I like to write about the world around me (particularly smells and sounds—and I do love to bark!), or should I focus on running around the outdoors sniffing and sorting the components of everything I smell? Should I live contextually out in the world, or textually within the text of what I create?

Should I do this, this writing?

I don’t know. I would like a Like or two or three to let me know that there’s meaning in what I do. An audience, someone to hear my utterances.

On Being a Cute Dog

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As the main character in my own story, I am on vacation this week.

Check out my BFF Shelley’s blog on character identities.

But before you do, I want to demonstrate that my identity is that of a cute, darling dachshund, so here a few photos of cute me.

Don't I look cute as I concentrate on eating a treat?

Don’t I look cute as I concentrate on eating a treat?

I'm cute when I'm atop toys. I love, love to play!

I’m cute when I’m atop toys. I love, love to play!

And I'm cute when I chew on coffee cup straws.

And I’m cute when I chew on coffee cup straws.

Cute Dog Contests

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Don't I look extra cute in my hat? Yes, I do!

Don’t I look extra cute in my hat? Yes, I do!

If I were to enter a contest (I entered one and lost but I think that was a mistake), I would be declared the cutest dachshund, or really the cutest dog, to have ever lived.

My name is Zoey. I am six. And I am a long-haired miniature dachshund who loves everybody and is loved by everybody.

What makes me lovable?

Well, for one I’m cute.

Two, I ask for attention by wiggling my tail, looking up at the person until they see me and acknowledge my existence and cuteness factor, and once attention ensues, rolling on my side to show my belly (indicating that, yes, I want to be petted).

I have big brown eyes, long black-tipped ears and a fluffy tail, making me pretty, cute and adorable all in one puppy package.

I also am cute when I stand on my hind legs and cross my paws, indicating I want something. I can sit, lie down, spin or look pretty. But I won’t shake. These are some of my tricks. Nothing too fancy, but they show that I’m a good listener, a skill that’s important for being lovable and loved.

In conclusion, I need to be loved, liked and told I’m cute, because I am.


(See my writing partner Shelley’s blog about entering writing contests at shelleywidhalm.wordpress.com).

Dog Blogger Deals with Rejection

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As a very cute dachshund, it’s rare that I get rejected, but when I do, it’s because the person doesn’t like dogs or it’s a cat doing the I’m-not-interested-in-you kind of stuff.

It became a little too personal when I entered a couple of cute dog contests but didn’t win.

I felt rejected. I grieved and went under the bed, my pouting spot.

And I grieved some more.

But to make myself feel better, here are some photos to demonstrate my cuteness factor.

Please give me some attention.

Please give me some attention.

Um, if you're going to not pay me any attention, I'll take a nap. I'm cute when I nap.

Um, if you’re going to not pay me any attention, I’ll take a nap. I’m cute when I nap.

I give up. I am not getting attention. I am sad. But I'm still cute.

I give up. I am not getting attention. I am sad. But I’m still cute.

(See my writing partner Shelley’s blog about handling rejection as a writer at shelleywidhalm.wordpress.com.)